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Louis-Philippe de Cabernet Sauvignon delicately placed the point of
the corkscrew exactly at the center of the cork of the 1990 Bordeaux.
Even if all the emotion made his wrist tremble, he slowly removed
the cork and the characteristic pop of an uncorked bottle resonated
against the walls of the wine cellar. He examined its appearance and
while smelling it a slight smile illuminated his face. He slowly poured
the precious liquid into a crystal glass which he raised a little to
appreciate the clear and brilliant contents, an intense cherry red color
with hints of ruby, and touches of sober red-browns.

He approached the glass to his nose, closed his eyes and smelled the
explosion of chocolate aroma, truffles, aromatic woods, leather, all
which were incredibly elegant, an expression of an infinite varietal.
He brought the precious liquid to his lips, sipped and ….realized he had
forgotten to rinse the glass. Traces of dishwashing powder which were
on the glass gave the wine a slight taste of a hand soap with an aroma
of deodorant and a bouquet of detergents, all perfectly balanced with
grand complexity and harmony.

FO 85528 – 17 x 17 x 44 cm (LWH)

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