The Retiree

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For 40 years, Carlos Galvez woke up every morning at 6:50 to go to
work half asleep. For 40 years, he hated waking up early in the
morning. The first Monday of his retirement, the alarm rang as usual.
His wife woke up with a jolt. “But Carlos, did you forget that you are
retired?” . “Not at all, dear I just wanted to know what it feels like
to continue sleeping at 7:00 in the morning” He shut his eyes, thought
about his golf game that was waiting for him that afternoon, his fishing
trip he planned for the day after, playing poker with his friends, and
his old workmates who, at that same moment, were rushing to work not to
be late to the office. With a smile of satisfaction, he went peacefully
back to sleep. FO85540 (100%)

Size 16,5 x 27 x 30,5 cm

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