The Playboy

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Calolo Oviedo had always been a dandy. He adored the company of
young women with long legs and voluptuous shapes. The day he met Delma,
he fell in love immediately, love at first sight. And when the
ravishing Delma learned that Mister Oviedo owned many oil wells, she
also fell madly in love.

An afternoon of wild passion, Calolo was at the point of sinking his
yacht. You should have seen him running, with little hops, from the bow
to the stern, in his bathing trunks, with a bottle of Champagne in the
hand, chasing the woman of his heart.

What passion! Even if Calolo had to stand on a little bench to kiss
his beloved and take pills to maintain his vigor, the fervor of his love
was rising like his shares on the stock market. Up until the moment
when he passed out and his doctor advised him to calm his love lust.

FO 85048 – 37 x 15 x 12 cm (LWH)

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