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The Photographer

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UPC: FO85538

“Some glamour! That’s it, that’s it, some seduction. Click! Another
one, very good, very good, and smile like a diva, put a spell on me,
give me your femme fatal look. Click! Click! Click! Now the look of
lust, eyes towards the camera. Click! Click!….Ok, another one, Click!

“Ok that’s it, Ok” said the model tired of so much fuss. “But Mom,” –
answered Alberto Maccagno – “if I don’t practice with you, I’ll never
become a fashion photographer.”

“But, me, I am fed up with all these flashes which singeing my
eyelashes!” said the woman, while she sponged her sweat with a
dishtowel, and walked out of the room to finish the leek soup that she
had left on the stove. “There’s no hope, people don’t understand me”
thought Alberto. And just at that moment, his grandmother passed in
front of the door…“Grandma, grandma, come, come, sit down on this

FO85538 – 20 x 19 x 39 cm (LWH)

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