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The Doctor

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UPC: FO85508

Doctor José Batle was a recognized expert in his field. His
diagnoses, always exact, saved the lives of hundreds of people and
earned him the admiration of high society. Everything was going
perfectly until the day when, arrived to his office, the most well-known
actress in Hollywood, the ravishing Marilyn Hayworth, victim of a
sprained little finger.

Without wasting an instant, Doctor Batle had the patient take off her
clothes to assure himself that she had no other complications anywhere
on her body. After a thorough and detailed examination, he confirmed
that…he had fallen deeply in love.

The diva thanked him for all his diligent attention and left the
office leaving in the air behind her a suggestive perfume of camellia.
Ever since that day, Doctor Batle never stops thinking of the great
Marilyn, hoping that she sprains another finger so that he can perform a
new examination, this time even more detailed.

FO 85508 – 17 x 17 x 45 cm (LWH)

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