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Petrified Wood / Stone Red 4.3kg

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UPC: X0316004

Petrified Wood

Colour: Red

Weight: 4.3kg

Unique Item

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Petrified wood is commonly referred to as fossilized or agatized wood and has been identified as a member of the Quartz family. After petrification is complete all of the wood is replaced by silicon dioxide, and this is the reason we see Petrified Wood a part of the Quartz family.

Petrified wood allows us to tap into our patience, it represents our journey of spiritual growth at a steady and consistent pace. Petrified Wood takes a long time - over a million years to complete the process of petrification and this long journey’s patience is emulating from its contents. Petrified Wood will allow one to become more trusting in the process of life and in the journey of evolution. When we are feeling that “bad” things keep occurring, Petrified Wood will allow us to have trust in the obstacles thrown in our path. These obstacles are here to be tackled and remind us that they are eventually contributing to our highest good. When we are holding or wearing Petrified Wood, we are allowing and trusting the timing of the Divine, and are noticing the signs along the way.

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