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Just Married

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UPC: FO85055

Stéphanie always took care of her stylish figure, but since she has
been working as a waitress, she suffered horribly when succulent
sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, fries, ice cream, chocolate mousse
passed before her eyes……….dishes she could only look at to satisfy

One day while working, she heard a strange sound, like a siren. At
first she thought it was her new mobile phone and then she realized that
the whistling came from her stomach and she felt like crying.

At that precise moment a group of young people entered the
restaurant. Among them a boy observed her attentively. It was love at
first sight. The young man, dumbstruck, mouth wide open, looked into
her eyes and drew a ridiculous smile.

A little while after, Stéphanie couldn’t believe what was happening
to her, dressed in a wedding dress with an enormous bouquet of flowers
in her hands and seated in a magnificent convertible next to Gilles, the
love of her life, who in an impeccable tuxedo, had on his lips, the
same ridiculous smile of that famous first day.

FO 85055-37 x 19 x 14 cm (LWH)

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